Whatever your style I bet you’ve got countless pens from a multitude of different sources, products, companies and countries in your stationery draws, pen pots, pencil cases, and work bags… right now.  Am I right?

Here are just a few (11) of mine …





They come from Thailand, Copenhagen, Horsham, Croydon, Brighton, London and more. And that’s just from my pencil pot, I daren’t even open the stationary box!

You see, pens are useful. Essential in fact. For although we are using computers, tablets, smart phones and more, increasingly on a daily basis, we still love to write. Be it notes, cheques, cards, shopping lists, or maybe letters to Father Christmas.

So, how can you benefit from the extraordinary reach of branded pens to an audience far, wide and diverse?

Get your own! Below is a pic of mine in all its glory. By ordering pens with your own company’s or brand’s logo and contact details on, and distributing them to everyone you meet, you are exploiting another way of building brand awareness and recognition. And we all know where that leads … to trust and trial of your product or service, that’s where!

And that’s the hard part done. Once you have trial, if you maintain your quality, service and a fair price for your customers, you will undoubtedly convert your trialists into loyal and happy clients … hopefully for many years to come.

So, why wait? Order your branded pens today and start to reap the rewards of this incredibly effective and low cost sales technique. Who knows, you might even get an order from Thailand tomorrow!

Special offer: only £150 for 500 pens with 1 colour and 1 position branding!



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