Bags in the news today

New government legislation made it statutory for large shops to charge 5p per single-use plastic bag from October 5th, 2015? (And yes, we know there are exceptions but we don’t want you to lose the will to live if we try to explain them…)

Our suggestion is – make the most of it! Tap into the market. Did you know that English supermarkets handed out 7.64 billion plastic bags in 2014?

At Creative Vision, we have a wonderful array of bags which we can print with whatever you decide – your company name and contact details, for example.

Good for shop-owners

If you’re in the retail business like Sonya Leggett from Ziggy’s, a natural pet supply store in Forest Row, you could have a pile on the counter for your forgetful customers. “Giving out the bags generates an enormous amount of goodwill,” says Sonya, “and it’s great to see them being carried round the village with our name on the side.”

Good for giveaways

Everybody loves a goody-bag at a conference or exhibition. Add to the impact of your brand with a useful fabric bag emblazoned with your logo and company name. It’s a practical long-term advertising solution. Nobody’s going to throw away a bag these days, unlike a brochure, flyer or catalogue.

Good for the environment

We have eco-bags made from unbleached cotton and jute – but whatever the material, re-using them is good for the future of our planet, reducing damage to wildlife and the oceans and the horrible littering of our towns and countryside.

Another option?

An enterprising Birmingham man is selling his used plastic carrier bags for just 2.5 pence each on Gumtree – half-price bargains. (He’s already made a staggering £2 for his trouble!)

We’re offering bargains of a different sort. Our brand new swanky bags will not only enhance your reputation, advertise your brand  and make a contribution towards saving the planet  –  they’re really good for carrying your own shopping too, and saving you 5p every time you use them!

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