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Creative Vision buys British! Why not join us?

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You’ve seen the news, heard the concerns about the UK’s economic future. Now it’s time to get down to business. Get down to business and Buy British!

At Creative Vision Promotions, we believe that a recession caused by Brexit is far less likely to become a reality if people believe in Britain.

Now is the time to Support British Business and UK Manufacturing


  • Poor exchange rate buying from overseas? Buy British
  • Chinese factories closing for holidays? Buy British
  • Ethical standards in question? Buy British
  • Need assurances on material sources? Buy British
  • Worried about child labour being used? Buy British

As a UK distributor, Creative Vision Promotions has invested heavily in a commitment to compliance across all areas of the business, ensuring that we buy from accredited sources.

Are you compliant?

Take a look at any one of our policies or certifications to see just how far our commitment goes to ensuring customer safety, healthy working practices and environmental sustainability:

Found it cheaper elsewhere?

It happens. You’ve shopped around and been offered a better price…but wait!

  • What is the real cost of a cheaper alternative to your business or your customer?
  • Is the alternative compliant with product safety standards?
  • Do the manufacturers respect human rights in their workplace?
  • How could your brand be affected by negative press around these issues?

Our prices don’t just reflect the quality of our workmanship, but the investment we make in adhering to safety, environmental, and ethical working standards to protect your business as well as ours.

Our pricing policy is such that we will always attempt to match a cheaper price, we just ask you to give us the opportunity to do so.

If we really can’t match a price, ask yourself how much brand reputation and customer safety is worth to your business – we do every day.

For more information on compliance or any sales enquiry, our friendly team is always ready to take your call.


Join us in supporting and promoting British manufacturing!