The end is in sight. Those two or three glorious days (or hours) when you know you’ve done everything you needed to do before the Christmas break and have cleared your desk for the holiday. It’s a great time to have a gentle ponder over the finer details of your plans for next year. I’m sure the main threads of your activity plan for 2013 are in place, but it’s the little details that keep your relationships with your customers fresh. So, how are you going to wow your prospects and keep your customers happy next year?

Sending a treat for Christmas is a great relationship builder and I’m sure your favourite (and most profitable) customers really appreciate whatever you’ve sent them, but gifts are not just for Christmas. Here are some new ideas that you could build into your plan for 2013. By sending an unusual present to mark a different event in the calendar, you could move ahead of the pack and create the bigger impression you need to make your sales targets.

Why not celebrate the return to work with a little gift to cheer up your customers. Diaries are lovely, but there are lots of other great gifts you could spoil them with. Send a branded ice scraper with that letter reminding them to please pay their invoice. Or a woolly hat in return for placing an order by the end of the month.

This is a great time of year to show your customers how much you love them.  Bundle some heart shaped chocolates into a jiffy bag. Send it off, timed to arrive on Valentine’s Day and you’ll be amazed how this sort of gift with ‘no strings attached’ can do wonders for your brand and improve the general feel good factor associated with your company. By encouraging customers to love you back, they will shop with you and impact your bottom line way beyond the initial outlay for the gifts.

We all look forward to a summer break, whether we are jetting off to a tropical island or spending two weeks in Bognor with the kids. Let your customers know that you are thinking of them by nipping round with a gift that they can take on holiday. Beach balls or towels are perfect. Not only will they be grateful for the present but, if your branding is aesthetically appealing, they may take your item away with them and be reminded of your company throughout the duration of their summer break!

I hope some of these ideas help you to take a fresh look at planning for 2013, but in the meantime, I hope you have a very peaceful and relaxing Christmas break with best wishes from everyone at Creative Vision Promotions.