In my last blog post I reviewed how to enhance the look of your promotional gift; how to select the appropriate gift for the job and the best use of a blank canvas to get your message across. In this post I’ll discuss more ways to get the most out of your investment in promotional gifts and giveaways.


If you are marketing a product with an instantly recognisable shape,  why not craft a customer gift reflecting that shape? Items made in this way can be very cute and something that loyal customers really love to collect. For example, we could easily create an eraser, keyring torch, or USB stick in the shape of your boots, bricks or boogie boards. Promotional items such as these really reinforce the beautiful design of your product, especially when you are selling an item where good design is critical to its function. Invite your customers to visit your showroom or shop to collect their free keyring. This could double the footfall through your doors and give you many more opportunities to sell the full-sized item.

If you don’t have a product that is suitable for recreation as a stress ball, how about using a mascot. Take a leaf out of Robertson’s book. Paddington Bear is the mascot for their delicious marmalade. Robertson’s customers save up their tokens and apply for badges in their droves. The badges are so intensely popular that Robertson’s have actually had to ‘limit’ production of them to one million!


The final thing to consider is this. For some high value items, the more subtle the branding, the more likely it is to be used. Take the example of a beautiful chrome business card holder. You may have decided that you are going to hand deliver a thoughtful gift such as this to each of your most valued customers for Christmas. For staff members, a business card holder with your corporate logo on the front is entirely appropriate. But, for your customers or prospects your logo on the front of their business card holder may discourage the new owner from using it. Instead, how about engraving the underside of the lid? That way, each morning when your customer fills their card box, or when they hand a card out to a new contact, they will be greeted by your brand. And, so will their new contact.

Perhaps you will soon be ordering a set of leather conference folders for your upcoming user conference or seminar. Why not take the subtle approach? A very discreet logo on the outside of the folder, but inside, a crisp A4 notepad with your logo, corporate slogan and web address printed through every page. Each time your client takes this folder out and about with them, or even hands a note to a colleague, your brand will be at the top of the page. In this way, for a very small price, you will extract even more of a return on the investment made from your event budget for many months to come.

In summary, remember to consider your promotional gifts as if they were being given to you as a present. Would you use something that doesn’t meet your personal aesthetic standards? Consider the final layout of the item and don’t cram in too much writing. Use your product to inspire a new collectable, and where you have invested in an expensive item, keep your branding subtle.

If you’ve got ideas, please talk to us, we pride ourselves on being able to respond to the most specific and diverse of briefs!