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Pen Pals

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Okay, I know we are in love with pixels.

Social media has got many of us, myself included firmly in its fluffy and cuddly but vice like grip.  Go a day without checking our status on facebook and twitter and we are positively twitchy.  But you know what?  Many of our clients may not share our enthusiasm to communicate online and, even if they do, there’s still plenty of off-line marketing to be done.  Exhibitions, direct mail, seminars, networking – there’s no sign that we are going to migrate lock stock and barrel to the online universe leaving these tried and trusted marketing channels behind – the ones that earn us money and, drive customers to our door.

So what has this got to do with pens?

Well, pens are still the number one bestselling promotional product and not without good reason.  Enclose a pen that matches your brand in an envelope together with your considered, crafted and targeted direct mail letter and you can guarantee that the envelope will be opened and, the recipient will read your letter. Why? You have piqued their curiosity sufficiently for them to do so and, provided your pen is attractive, you’ve put them in a positive frame of mind.

Give a pen to a visitor willing to share their details with you on your exhibition stand and the coldest of relationships can blossom from such a low-cost gesture.  Clip a pen to your business card when you’re networking and you’ll be remembered; the pen retained even though your business card may land in the bin.  Offer a pen as the incentive for people to visit your website or subscribe to your blog, then provided it’s not of the ‘cheap as chips’ variety you’re likely to get higher levels of response than if you had simply offered nothing.

You may be a business that buys pens to reinforce your corporate identity.  You don’t want your customer facing staff taking down details using a chewed up biro that has seen better days.

The bottom line is that if you’re looking for a measurable return on your precious marketing budget and you want your campaigns to have the desired impact, including the cost of a pen in your marketing budget could be a jolly good idea.