Promotional Christmas gifts that keep on giving

Panicking about Christmas gifts for your clients or customers? Isn’t it always the way that you leave it too late and then end up spending more than you intended on something second-best, in desperation? That’s been my experience, at any rate.

Here at Creative Vision, we have the perfect solution for you – as long as you order by December 7th –  blimey, that’s only 18 days before Christmas!

Forget those hampers or bottles of wine

Yes, edible and drinkable gifts may be much appreciated by whoever benefits from your generosity, but what happens to them? Of course, they’re eaten or drunk at Christmas time and then the packaging or bottle is chucked into the recycling and that’s it. Gone forever. Out of sight out of mind. And so is your company, in all likelihood.

Premium gifts which last all year round

Here’s an idea for you – something that your customers will love, and will keep forever and probably use every single day:

Delightful soft-touch ballpen and mechanical pencil gift sets, one colour, engraved on two sides with your choice of message, and with your logo printed on the box if you choose.

Specially for Christmas, an unbeatable offer of 100 for the usual rate you pay for 5000 – that’s to say:

            £414 for 100 delivered,  plus VAT  


            £443 for 100 delivered, plus VAT, if you go for the printed box option

pen offer 2


If sets aren’t your thing…

Soft touch Crosby ballpoint pens, engraved on two sides, in a choice of colours and yours for the stunningly good price of:

                        £179.00 for 100 delivered, plus VAT

crosby metal ball pens

By my reckoning, a very average bottle of wine costs around £7 – so that would only be about 25 gifts for the same price!

And the best news?

They’ll last right up until next Christmas, so your clients and customers will constantly be reminded of you!

Contact us now. We’re the answer to your nightmare before Christmas!