Meet ‘Creative’ the Creative Vision Promotions SuperDog!


So what marketing activity are you working on this month:

Enter … the Super Heroes!  For a great number of marketing activities, the results and return on investment can be boosted by the inclusion of a quality, branded promotional item.  In fact, in some cases these gifts may even save your activity or campaign altogether!  Read on to see how.



Results of the 2013 BPMA Survey show that:

a)      83% of senior marketers plan to increase or maintain spend on promotional merchandise from this year to next year

b)      66 % of senior marketers purchase promotional products at least every three months

c)      The main reasons that marketers choose to purchase merchandise are: to ensure brand messages last longer, and to create loyalty amongst customers


1)  Direct Mail. At Creative Vision Promotions we are huge advocates of ‘lumpy mail’. By including a promotional item in your envelope you will make it ‘lumpy’, and hence it will seem more intriguing, interesting and inviting to the recipient – thus boosting open rates.  As you know, the largest challenge with direct mail is the open rate, with a vast percentage reaching the bin, so this is a hugely effective technique.




2)  Exhibitions. 73% of the marketers surveyed by the BPMA use promotional items at events and exhibitions, that’s almost a whopping ¾!  They’re an excellent tool for attracting people to your stand, making them feel good by receiving a gift from your stand, and building awareness, recognition and trust of your company or product, by the presence of your branded item in their home or workplace for the weeks, months and maybe even years ahead. You certainly won’t get that sort of impact and longevity of message from a flyer and a wrapped sweet. Well done Super Hero!




3)  Networking. When we network we want to make an immediate and lasting positive impression. You need to work on your elevator pitch, ensure you have enough business cards for everyone in the room, and hone your networking etiquette. But why not give guests a promotional gift as well! This will increase the impact of your attendance and also extend the duration of your message far beyond the end of the meeting. Your company logo and contact details will be housed permanently on their desks or in their bags in the shape of a pen, notepad or other item.

In fact, the BPMA study shows that pens are the first choice for promotional items (35%), closely followed by notepads and post-its.  So trust the branded super heroes to super charge your networking results, and order your promotional items today!

Creative Vision Promotions are experts in providing high quality, competitively priced promotional gifts for every occasion. Our excellent customer service will ensure that you are looked after from order to delivery and beyond … every time.