Marketing spend in the UK is increasing as businesses both SMEs and Blue Chip realise its value.

Research By BPMA identified that 83% of senior marketers plan on increasing their marketing merchandising budget in 2014.

Are you thinking the same thing? Do you want to target your market more effectively and with a longer lasting effect?
If so, merchandising marketing could be the answer you’re seeking for. A simple product as a gift, such as a curvy ball pen with your company logo, could lead to a massive return.

Pink Curvy BallpenMerchandising is often thought of as cheap giveaways with company logos on, however higher quality merchandising products can often result in a higher ROI. The most popular merchandising gifts are pens and post-it-notes. A good quality gift, such as a professional curvy ball pen that lasts will suggest to your market that your company share such qualities. A quality pen that provides a smooth finish is more likely to be kept, effectively keeping your brand with them at all times.

The popularity of eco-friendly merchandising products has also become a recent trend. A notepad made of recycled materials is seen as more desirable than a regular notepad. A high quality curvy ball pen will not only provide a sense of performance and security, but it is also durable, and will prevent the owners from needing to replenish pens supplies. Such merchandising products are reliable, professional and dependable, all qualities that will reflect positively on your brand as a result.Curvy Ballpen

Merchandising products and promotional items have a primary goal of increasing brand awareness. This is technique that is most commonly utilised in conferences and business events, placing your agents in direct contact with your market. Merchandising items allows your brand to stay with them in the form of an eco-friendly canvas bag or a curvy ball pen that will continue to represent your brand image and reinforce your positive brand image.

Creative Vision Promotions prioritise identifying and providing the most effective promotional products for your company and in ensuring an efficient ROI for you. With our professional customer service team eager to help you from start to finish, we aim to create a lasting relationship with you that will grow and develop over time.

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