Branded workwear to make your company stand out from the rest
You know what they say? – you never get a second chance to make a first impression. That’s why, here at Creative Vision, we’d like to encourage you to give your company and your workforce a fresh new look with smart workwear to make you proud.
How many times have you been to a workplace to be met by some scruffy individual and it makes you think, ‘Do I really want to use these guys?’ Or, perhaps you’ve had some repairs done at your home and the tradesman’s sweatshirt is stained and full of holes and his attitude to work and attention to detail is about the same — sloppy.
Don’t let that be the first impression you give! Here’s what branded workwear could provide for your company:

Team spirit
Your employees will feel they belong and they’ll gain a sense of unity and pride in their jobs and your company. This will give rise to a higher standard of work and greater productivity and that can only be good for everyone. It’s a win-win situation.
A happy workforce
Being smart can lift everyone’s mood. More than that, employees won’t have the outlay of buying suitable clothing for themselves. In addition, their own clothes will be protected from damage and wear if you provide a uniform.
A safe workforce
With protective materials — flame-resistant, hi-vis, or fabric that’s tough enough to keep out harmful chemicals — your workforce will see that you care about their safety. If security is an issue for you, an intruder in the workplace will be easier to spot if your team is all in branded workwear.
A professional image
Smart appearance is immediately associated in customers’ minds with high standards in every area. Your company reputation will be enhanced — and so will your profits.
Easy advertising
Particularly if your employees go out in public, then they will be like walking adverts for your business, with a logo, company name and even slogan on their clothing. What a great way to spread the word about your company and attract new clients!

Creative Vision is here to help. Here’s what we can offer:

• Good value and a fast and friendly service
• A minimum order of 15 of mixed items and sizes, which is ideal for smaller companies
• Sample garments sent by post – or come into our office, meet the team and try on your clothes at your leisure
• Nothing left to chance – we supply an embroidered swatch prior to production so you can view the design and quality.

Order your corporate uniform with us
Be confident, and remember…
Quality never goes out of fashion!