With the homely, sweet and inviting scent of freshly cooked pancakes well and truly behind us, our thoughts turn to Lent and specifically … are we nearly there yet?

The end of Lent finally arrives on Saturday March 30th, a staggering 45 days after it began on February 13th.  That’s 45 days of no chocolate? No sweets? No alcohol? No shopping on the credit card? No staying up late on a school night?  A month and a half is a long time, no matter what you’ve given up.

Personally, I’ve never given up anything for Lent.  That’s not because I have the self-discipline of a cat trying to stay awake for more than 2 hours at a time, but because I prefer to initiate the giving of something … rather than the giving-up of something.

Imagine if you spent 45 days a year practicing the art of giving things, rather than the art of giving things up. Instead of feeling deprived, miserable, demotivated and craving all manner of food and drink; you would feel uplifted, happy, elated even.

Your clients would be a very well deserved and worthy volunteers to your experiment I’m sure. Think of items that they need, products that they’d like to receive, gifts that they would enjoy.  It’s not too late to start, we’ve still got up to 30 days of Lent left to go would you believe!

The good news is that there’s one place where you can find all of these ‘giving solutions’ under one roof, and that’s Creative Vision Promotions.

1)  Perhaps your client is environmentally friendly, a charity, or has strong social ethics; well you’ll find a wealth of interesting, high quality and competitively priced goodies to gift to them in our eco-friendly catalogue: http://www.creativevision.promoideas.info/eco-friendly

2)  Or maybe you want to impress your largest client by making a grand gesture and presenting them with a gift that is ‘out of the box’ and innovative?  Look no further, the smart trumpet has arrived!  And not before time. This ingenious piece of plastic will enable your mobile phone to be heard for metres around – Perfect to share music, video links, news items and more.  However did we live without it!   http://www.creativevision.promoideas.info/?_p=647.14272

So why not buck the trend this year and give instead of giving-up. Your clients will thank you for it.