The great thing about promotional gifts is that there’s always a gift that will suit the audience you’re hoping to attract or indeed that handful of elusive individuals that are within your mind’s eye. Sometimes you may have to get off the beaten track if your audience is immune to the more traditional offerings but if you are in need of creating some impact to enliven the mind of the recipient to receive your sales message, a gift that resonates with your brand and that puts a smile on a face is what the doctor ordered.

For the purposes of this blog however let’s just turn our attentions to the humble coaster and consider its mesmeric powers (I kid you not!). For decades coasters have been given out willy-nilly at exhibitions and trade fairs and included in goody bags. Fair play there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

But did you know that a coaster can be a strategic marketing tool that delivers a measurable return – way exceeding its modest cost?

For example you can mail it with your sales letter and include a benefit driven headline grabbing statistic about the product or service you are promoting. This is what Kalimex did when independent market research uncovered the fact that 9/10 of their customers preferred their brand of coolant leak repair over the nearest competitors’. The call to action within their sales letter encouraged their motor factor stockists to buy additional supplies. Together with the coaster it was responsible for generating £29,000 of additional orders. Not bad for a little square of foam with a catchy message!

Another business, providing software to libraries in a highly competitive marketplace was keen to ensure that their exhibition stand was packed out with the targeted prospects they were inviting to the exhibition. By enclosing a vibrant and colourful coaster which matched their corporate identity down to a tee with the invitation and by promising the invitees they would receive the remaining four elements of the desk set when they pitched up to their exhibition stand they enjoyed a packed and animated stand all day long. Because this little square of foam was so lightweight it did not add to their postage costs and needed no special treatment.

Of course, if your business operates in a customer facing environment, you may simply want to order coasters to present a consistent and professional image. Tatty beer mats, bits of paper with coffee rings adorning them do not make for a great first impression do they?

Have a chat with us if coasters float your boat!